For Mac Eyes Only – A Mac Voice Among Us

Season 17, Episode 14 (#413)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and special guest Chuck Joiner give a preview of Chuck’s presentation at Macstock VII. Then they take a look at some recent headlines including layoffs at Plex and Evernote, Firefox 115 and what it means for older macOS users, the release of Thunderbird Supernova, a “demake” of Myst for the Atari 2600, plus a special sneak peek behind the scenes at MacVoices!


> Plex lays off 20% of its work force
> Evernote lays off US Staff
> Firefox 115 moves to ESR for macOS 10.14 (and older)
> Thunderbird Supernova is out!
> FUN NEWS: Myst for Atari 2600 Released
> BONUS FUN NEWS: A Myst Demake for the Apple ][


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> Pastebot


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Running Time: 1:42:52