For Mac Eyes Only – Print (Hello Eric!)

Season 17, Episode 8 (#407)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric speculate on Mac and other Apple rumors, discuss gaming on the Mac, software easter eggs, and the new Steve Jobs memoir. Then dip their toes into the world of Swift on the Mac as they share a great environment to practice coding in and say Hello to Swift’s syntax with a timeless snippet of code.


> Mac Sales Slump
> Bitcoin Easter Egg in Image Capture
> Steve Jobs Archive: Make Something Wonderful
> Develop in Swift Fundamentals (Apple Book Store)
> Swift Playgrounds (App Store Link)
> Xcode (App Store Link)
> Visual Studio Code
> Nova by Panic

Additional Links to Know

> Adventure for Atari 2600
> Flight Simulator Easter Egg in Excel (YouTube Link)
> Bob Iger Distributes Steve Jobs Book to Cast Members


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Running Time: 1:29:30