For Mac Eyes Only – Rise of the Macintosh

Season 16, Episode 7 (#394)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike, Eric and special guest Nick Bequet present the first in a series of episodes on bringing new life to older Macs including hardware and software upgrades, software alternatives to help stay safe on older hardware, other uses for an old Mac, and knowing when to retire the Mac and purchase new. Plus a bonus use of old Mac Pros to make Nick’s wife happy!


> iFixit
> Crucial
> Other World Computing (OWC)
> Mactracker
> Mozilla Firefox
> Thunderbird
> Google Chrome
> Microsoft Edge
> Vivaldi and Opera
> Waterfox
> Microsoft Office System Requirements
> LibreOffice
> How do you pronounce the Libre in LibreOffice?
> iCam for iOS


> Nick’s Animal Sanctuary: Tieroase am Regenbogen e.V.
> Meet TeamFMEO
> Contact Us

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Running Time: 1:23:32