FMEO Plus Newsletter – Holiday 2013 (Newsletter #3)

The following is a reprint of an email sent to FMEO Plus members on December 10, 2013

Hello and Thank You for being a member of FMEO Plus!

(Important news about your Bonus Subscription for 2014 is below)

FMEO Plus Update

Wow, I’m sorry it’s taken this long to get a newsletter out to everyone.

Since our last newsletter, we’ve released NINE new episodes of FMEO TV as well as another interview from Macworld with Ken Case of The Omni Group.  (And I’ve been trying to do a better job of increasing the frequency of FMEO TV episodes.)

Simply click through to the FMEO Plus section of our site to see them all — don’t forget to login to watch. (

Upcoming Holiday Episodes

Just last week Barry, Brian and I shot a series of Holiday Gift Guide segments that will be released to EVERYONE beginning this week.

Standard Definition versions of the gift guide shows will go into the regular FMEO feed, while HD versions will go to FMEO Plus members.

More episodes exclusive to FMEO Plus members are on the way!

In Other News:

The FMEO Plus Q&A section I added to our site seems to be a bit of a bust.

That’s okay! It was an experiment to see if folks would find it useful or not.

I’m toying with the idea of rolling out the Q&A section to everyone, but restricting the ability to answer questions to those who are members of FMEO Plus.

OR take it down altogether.

But I’ll let you choose.  It’s YOUR site, please let me know what you think!  (

In addition, I’d really like your input for what you would find useful to you as a member of FMEO Plus.  Especially show content.

YOU have the ability to help drive the direction we take in 2014, so please feel free to speak your mind.


If you don’t follow me there already, you’ll find the community here:

A 2014 Bonus Subscription to Existing Members

2014 FMEO Plus Subscription Renewals to All! (well, all who’ve already subscribed)

Last week I began canceling automatic monthly payments that are being made via PayPal.

BUT that’s not because I don’t want you as a member!! Far from it!

In fact, I appreciate your taking a chance on FMEO Plus this year so much that for everyone who was a FMEO Plus Member as of December 1st 2013, I’m going to automatically extend your subscription through the end of 2014 at no additional charge.

So if you see your FMEO Plus monthly subscription payments cancelled, Don’t PanicEnjoy a year of FMEO Plus in 2014 on me instead.

(If your subscription hasn’t been cancelled yet, go ahead and cancel it yourself if you’d like.  You’ll still be a member in good standing in 2014…)

THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE for your support throughout 2013!

Anything Else?

In terms of new episodes, I’d really like to create some Q&A episodes to help fulfill the original mission of the videos containing more “educational” content, but I need your help!

To make FMEO Plus what YOU want it to be, I need your feedback, so please send your suggestions for what you’d like to see and I’ll try to make them happen.

Until Next Time

Thanks as always to Gary, Eric, Barry and Brian for their commitments to the show — I couldn’t do it without them!

Remember, I’m always here for any questions, so please feel free to write any time.

Enjoy and Thanks Again for all your support!