For Mac Eyes Only at Macworld 2013 – Interview: Ken Case of The Omni Group

In Part Two of our Macworld 2013 Show Floor Specials, Barry interviews Ken Case, CEO of The Omni Group.

Barry’s Show Notes

The Omni Group has a suite of Mac and iOS products including OmniFocus, OmniGraffle, OmniPlan and others.

The interview was recorded at Macworld 2013, but delayed for various reasons: all mine, not Mike’s! However, I had some time on a recent flight to edit the interview and due to Ken’s insight, I thought it would still be a great listen, especially as there’s a bit of a lull prior to the announcements this fall from Apple.

In our talk, Ken discusses OmniFocus 2, app design, the Apple App Store, the iPad Mini and several products planned.

Please note that this was recorded in the Macworld media room and there is some background noise, especially at the beginning.

Interestingly, The Omni Group has put OmniFocus 2 on temporary hold due to design changes. I included several links below to the company and blog; including one specific to their reason for putting OmniFocus 2 on hold.

Thank you for your patience and I hope you find this interesting!



> The Omni Group Blog
> OmniFocus 2 Test Going Quiet
> OmniFocus (link to the OmniFocus)

Twitter feeds
> Ken Case’s Twitter feed
> The Omni Group’s Twitter feed
> Omni Group Sync Server Status Twitter feed (great for alerts on system status)

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Running Time: 33:30