FMEO Plus Newsletter #2

The following is a reprint of an email sent to FMEO Plus members on June 24, 2013

Hello and Thank You for being a member of FMEO Plus!

If you no longer wish to receive these occasional emails from me, there’ll be no hard feelings, just reply to this message and let me know!

FMEO Plus Update

New episodes!  Since our last newsletter, we’ve released two new episodes of FMEO TV including:

Episode 7: The Traveling Mac: Mac Apps

The second in a series on traveling with your Apple gear, where Barry and I discuss handy Mac Apps to use while traveling with your Mac.

In the coming weeks we’ll be releasing at least two more episodes in this series, this time with a focus on traveling with your iOS devices.

Then this week, yesterday in fact, we released…

Episode 8: A Look at HabitRPG

I have to admit, I’d never heard of this web app, but I was definitely intrigued to learn more after Brian told me about it in an email, so I invited him down to the studio to give us a tour of this interesting new way to help stay on top of everyday tasks.  HabitRPG literally makes a game of it! Be sure to check this one out.

More episodes are on the way!

Also New:

I’ve added an exclusive FMEO Plus Q&A section to our site.

Launched June 8th, FMEO Plus community members can participate in the new FMEO Plus Q&A section where we offer user-to-user interaction on all topics Apple. Vote Answers (and Questions!) up or down, click to select the best answers, and even earn reputation points!

And this new feature was added automatically to all FMEO Plus member accounts.  Just visit our home page at and click “FMEO Plus Q&A” in the menus or from the sidebar (be sure to log in first!) and ask a question or provide an answer (when questions appear)!

The more everyone uses it, the more useful it’ll become, so if you’re a FMEO Plus member, please give this new feature a try and let me know what you think!

Anything Else?

In terms of new episodes, I have plans to roll out some quick Q&A episodes — these will be similar, I suppose, to the old Quick Tips episodes, but these will focus of topics of importance to YOU.

As far as the website is concerned, I’m constantly tweaking the FMEO Plus section of our site. Just this weekend, in fact, I’ve finally got a feature working that I was having a bit of trouble with: Non-members and Members alike will now see a description of each episode or article without needing to log in first.

We’ll also soon be posting the most recent FMEO Plus content on the home page as well as (Yes!!) get an RSS feed working for Plus members so you can be alerted whenever something new is posted. Like the post descriptions, the RSS feed has also been giving me some grief, but I’ll get it working! (err, eventually)

Creating Your Account

I’m keeping the special sign up page for existing contributors open just a little bit longer.

The new expiration date will be June 30th just to give anyone who missed their chance to create their free account a few more days to get signed up.  (Remember: this special sign up link is only for folks who’ve previously contributed to the show.)

All the information for doing so can be found in the last newsletter. If you missed that newsletter, or need the instructions again, drop me a note and I’ll help you get started.

Until Next Time

Thanks to Gary, Eric, and Barry for all their support, and to our new FMEO TV co-host, Brian Henson who made his first appearance in the HabitRPG episode released this week!

Remember, I’m always here for any questions, so please feel free to write any time.

Enjoy and Thanks Again for all your support!