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Episode #259

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Gary with Listener email on FireWire SSD, ClamXav, DNSChanger Trojan Horses and more, Apple’s Earnings, WWDC Ticket Snafus and Scholarships, Adobe CS6, Cloud Storage Grows by Two, Oracle Takes Back Java, Jony Ive Wins Handily, Apple II in 2012.


> Tim Cook On PC/Tablet Convergence
> Rethinking WWDC
> Apple Awarding 150 WWDC Scholarships
> UK iTunes Gang Sentenced
> UPDATE: Adobe Creative Suite 6 Released
> UPDATE: Oracle Takes Control of Java for Macs
> UPDATE: Google Drive
> UPDATE: Microsoft SkyDrive
> UPDATE: Dropbox Allows Sharing Any File
> UPDATE: Microsoft Fixes Office 2011 SP2
> FUN NEWS: Jony Ive Wins British Visionary Award
> FUN NEWS: Apple II in Post PC World
> FUN LINK: Sir Clive Sinclair

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Question: Bob follows up to ask if he can boot a new iMac from Thunderbolt.

Feedback: George suggests booting to a FireWire 800 SSD instead. George also recommends ClamXav for malware protection on a Mac.
> ClamXav

Question: Andrew asks if the mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter will work with his Mac’s Thunderbolt port.

Question: Cassio wonders how concerned he should be over the DNSChanger malware.
> More on DNSChanger from MacFixIt
> OpenDNS
> Test for OpenDNS Use
> FBI DNS Check at

Feedback: Tom writes back to share his security setup.


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Running Time: 1:01:47