For Mac Eyes Only – Listeners At The Gate(keeper)

Episode #255

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Gary bring Gatekeeper and Sandboxing conversation to a close…for now, Apple’s Plans to Share the Wealth, Italian AppleCare Case Closes, Minor Security Issues for iOS and Mac Users, iCloud Data is Secure, Apple Inspired Classrooms, Classic Computing Fests, Jeff Shares Thoughts on New iPad, Transferring Game Data to New Devices.


> Apple’s Conference Call on Cash
> Italian Court Rejects Apple’s Appeal on $1.2M Fine
> iNEWS: iOS Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability
> SECURITY: iMuler/Revir Trojan Redux
> Your Data is Safe in the iCloud
> Answers from the Community in Apple’s Online Store
> New iPad Uses Retina Display Graphics for Screen Doubled Apps
> Dutch Building Classrooms Inspired by Steve Jobs & Apple
> UPDATE: Apple Software Installer Update 1.0 for Snow Leopard
> UPDATE: Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.11
> Mountain Lion Preview 2 Released
> Mountain Lion Prompts for Permission to Share Contacts
> FUN NEWS: Vintage Computer Festival East
> FUN NEWS: 23rd Annual KansasFest

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Review: Jeff’s thoughts on his New iPad
> The new iPad

Question: Jeff Asks How to transfer Homerun Battle 3D Game Data to his new iPad
> Homerun Battle 3D (iTunes Link)

Note from Com2uS: Your play data will automatically be saved in server when you login to Com2uS hub in Homerun Battle. Enjoy a game of Homerun Battle in many different kinds of devices with the same ID, and save all data in your personal hub account.


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Running Time: 1:09:18