For Mac Eyes Only – Rumors and Lawsuits

Episode #249

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric Discuss Strategies and Tools for Backing up your Mac with Time Machine, Cloning, Online, and Offsite Backups, More Patent Nonsense, iPad 3 with High-Res Display?, App Economy Creating (lots of) Jobs, Apple Joins $100B Club, Retro Macintosh iPhone Cases, Streaming Content to a Kindle Fire.

Mac Backup Tools Mentioned

> OS X’s Time Machine
> Apple Time Capsule
> FileGoBack
> Back-in-Time 2
> Carbon Copy Cloner
> SuperDuper!
> Retrospect
> CrashPlan


> Motorola Asking 2.25% for Patent Use
> RUMOR: iPad 3 Coming in March?
> RUMOR: Comparing “iPad 3” Retina Display Screen to Others
> App Economy Creates 466,000 Jobs in US
> Apple in $100B Club
> White MacBook Officially EOL
> New 13″ MacBook Air for Schools
> PCMag Names Final Cut Pro X Editor’s Choice
> RUMOR: Apple to Add Teleprompter to iMovie and FCPX?
> UPDATE: iMac EFI Firmware Update 1.8
> UPDATE: MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.6
> UPDATE: MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.3
> UPDATE: TEDTalks Now in iTunes U
> FUN NEWS: Retro Mac Cases for your iPhone

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Question: How can Bob stream video from iTunes to his Kindle Fire?
> Stream Music with AirBubble
> DoubleTwist for Mac and Android
> Plex


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Running Time: 1:09:51