For Mac Eyes Only at Macworld #8 – Final Interviews and Wrap-up

Macworld Expo 2009 Special #008

In this Macworld Expo Wrap-up Barry speaks with:

Richard Thalheimer, Founder of RichardSolo
Gedeon Maheux, Principal and Designer, the Iconfactory
Wil Shipley, Chief Executive Monster of Delicious Monster
Kyle Poehling of NOTION Music
Adam Christianson of The MacCast
Rawee Kombhiranond of Parallels, Inc.

with special appearances by Jim Reekes, Robert Baca & Josh Rizzo of “Welcome to Macintosh” and Ron Wayne.

Links to Know:
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> Iconfactory –
> Jim Reekes –
> Delicious Monster –
> “Welcome to Macintosh” –
> NOTION Music –
> The MacCast –
> Ron Wayne –
> Parallels –

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