Augh! Fingerprints!

So the rumor mill this past week has been flooded with conjecture about the next video iPod. Sporting a touch sensitive 3 1/2″ screen, the speculation is the next iPod will have a “virtual” click-wheel that appears when you touch the screen and disappears when no longer needed.

That’s very cool technology … But I hope the rumors are false.

Wha … Why?

One word: Fingerprints.

You think iPod owners are going crazy now constantly wiping fingerprints off their glossy white portable jukeboxes? Just wait until they have to deal with a greasy circular smudge on their video iPod’s screen – right in the middle of Mr. Incredible’s face.

It will be a constant battle for picture clarity as they use the click wheel, wipe the fingerprints off so they can watch their video, use the click wheel again, wipe the fingerprints off again… Well, you get the idea.

My guess is that IF this rumor is true and the next video iPod does indeed sport this virtual click wheel interface, it will only be in cahoots with the 3rd Party iPod Accessories industry that Apple releases this device.

Imagine the possibilities: silicone finger tip covers and multi-colored “socks” for your fingers await!

(Republished from ESC!Webs Blogitorials, February 2006)