Through the Desktop-glass

I first caught a glimpse of a new fad for folks-who-have-too-much-time-on-their-hands called “transparent desktops” the other week and thought it was pretty cool.

Check this out:

No, that’s not a hole in the screen. This person took a digital picture of their workspace, set it as their desktop wallpaper on their computer and lined everything up just right so it would appear to be a “transparent” computer screen.

How cool is that? Now, if you want to see some real clever applications of this technique, bop on over to this site and check out some of the more extreme “transparent desktops.”

Then, if you’re like me, you’ll be itching to give it a try yourself!

NOTE: Updated April 7th to point to a different photo site. The original site referenced ( now seems to be down.

(Republished from ESC!Webs Blogitorials, March 2005)