For Mac Eyes Only – Lion in a Lurch?

Episode #241

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric discuss user adoption of Lion, OS X’s Sandbox Flaw, Stanford’s iOS 5 Course, Apple’s Environmental Responsibility, Virtualizing OS X, Apple Product History in Print, Web Travels With Dan, Time Capsule Backup Woes, Trash Tossing Keyboard Commands.


> Lion Sales Stalled?
> Chitika’s OS X Usage Results
> DevilRobber Steals PixelMator’s Identity
> Researchers Bypass OS X’s Sandbox
> Stanford’s iOS 5 Course Lands in iTunes U (iTunes Link)
> Apple Audits Their Supply Chain
> UPDATE: iTunes 10.5.1
> iTunes Match Opens Its Doors
> UPDATE: Final Cut Pro X 10.0.2
> UPDATE: MacBook Pro Video Update 1.0
> UPDATE: Thunderbolt Software Update 1.1
> UPDATE: VMware Fusion 4.1 (See Update Here!)
> FUN NEWS: The Insanely Great History of Apple

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Question: Robert’s Time Capsule drive is giving him grief.

Question: Bob looking for quick way to toss files into the Trash.
> Hazel by Noodlesoft
> Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts


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Running Time: 1:06:24


  1. George Gaab says:

    Had a lot of problems with lion when I installed on my 24″ Imac and 08 Macbook Pro. I did a clean install eventually on my Imac and it still not running as smooth as with “Snowy”. I have not done a clean install on the Macbook Pro because of the results on my Imac, when it acts up I just relaunch Finder. After seeing my problems with Lion my wife said “Leave my Macbook alone”!!!
    I sort of look on Lion as Microsoft’s Vista!

    • Funny you mention the Finder issues because just last night Lion left a “file cluster” sitting in the middle of my screen from a move operation (ironically it was from archiving eps. 241). I had to relaunch Finder to clear it.

      Mostly because of Auto Save I’ve not even considered upgrading my Mac Pro or my wife’s MacBook to Lion (she’s heard me ranting about Auto Save and said she’ll pass), so I think they’ll both stay where they are thank-you-very-much. ;)

      I sort of look on Lion as Microsoft’s Vista!

      I’ve heard that comparison before. I’m not sure I’m ready to go quite that far (lol!), but I do consider Lion a bit of a stumble for OS X. Perhaps we need a “Snow Lion” upgrade next? :D

      Thanks George!


  2. Mike, thanks so much for reading and replying to my Time Machine error message question on your “Lion” show. Thanks for the advice. Coincidentally, there was a Time Machine upgrade this week, and the error has not repeated. Fixed? We’ll see, and if not, I’ll follow your reset advice. Great show, useful tips, and always educational.

    • My pleasure Robert! Glad it’s working after the update. Another listener also had a major problem with her AirPort Extreme fixed after the update to 7.6…. If you still have issues, I’d go ahead and Erase that drive too, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the “factory reset” of loading fresh firmware took care of it.

  3. George From Tulsa says:

    I thought I heard you say you would put instructions on the Blog how we could backgrade Lion’s Preview and TextEdit apps to Snow Leopard’s versions, you know, the ones that worked flawlessly, did what they should, and didn’t scatter versions around the hidden part of the hard disk?

    But when I came to find the instructions, I didn’t.

    Worth money! Please post, unless I mis-heard.